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Please remember that your credit card statement will read our commercial photography studio name of Group Five Photosports, LLC.

Cancelling Subscriptions

NOTICE - Archive Website & Auto-Rebilling No Longer Active

We hate to see you leave, but if you wish to cancel the rebilling feature and have your subscription expire at the end of the current term, please use this link to enter the Subscriber Control Panel, review your current subscription on the "Payment History" tab and click the "Cancel" link.

Non-Working Passwords

If you know your password, but it is not working, please check your receipt email to insure it has not expired. If you believe it should be working please have the site send it again on the Resend Password Page.

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Charges & Refunds

Please remember that your credit card statement will read our commercial photography studio name of Group Five Photosports.

All subscription sales are final and cannot be refunded. All access to the publication is carefully logged with IP addresses and ISPs being recorded should we need to dispute a chargeback or refund request. If you have any questions about your subscription or credit card statement, please contact us at

Additional Subscriber Area Help

The subscriber area includes five additional help pages to explain use of the Control Panel, Photo Sets, HD Videos, Video Streaming and Studio Cam events.

Other Subscriber Services Questions

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