New Models Wanted

This is the new model information page for girls interested in appearing as models on our popular website TrueBabes.

We are scouting for new girls from across the USA to be paid as models on our fun photo & video shoots. If you're cute, age 18-20, and don't have any tattoos this information is all about getting paid to have fun posing for us.

TrueBabes has been online 14 years and currently features over 180 different models from across the country. When we hire girls its a real modeling job and they get paid. We have a great photographer and make-up girl. Together they have years of experience working with brand new models and make each shoot easy and fun.

The best part is that we pay you!

Yes, that is correct - We pay all new models $200 an hour. If you are from outside Colorado we also pay all the travel expenses for you to attend one of our projects.

You can view more photos and a behind the scenes video on the samples page.

If you are cute, don't have any tattoos, and want to have some fun showing off in front of our cameras please read on and submit your information.

TrueBabes is a pretty girl website that features college age girls (18-20) from all over the USA in glamour style lingerie, topless and nude photos & videos. Its been online for over 14 years.

TrueBabes features glamour style nudity (no sex scenes) and is all about how cute, beautiful and sexy the natural models are. Natural means the girls have no tattoos or fake breasts, but new models do not need to be tall or have modeling experience.

You can view more samples and a behind the scenes video the the samples page.

We pay all new models $200 an hour during photo shoots. That usually works out to $1000-$1200 per shoot day.

Working with us is a day long project that includes make-up and hair styling, along with photo & video production. We have a great crew of experienced staff working on all shoots. We provide everything: make-up and hair styling, outfits, shoes, accessories and more to create great photos & videos.

You can see how it all works in the behind the scenes video here.

TrueBabes is an "all natural" web publication and we never hire girls with tattoos or breast enhancements.

We only hire girls in the 18-20 age range that have a government issued ID, Driver's license or Passport (its the law).

If you wish to have some fun, show off a bit, and make some money, please submit your information and recent photos below. Selfies are fine, but they should be brand new and topless or naked. We'll reply as soon as possible so please check your email often.

New Model Application

1- Complete the form below carefully.

2- Upload photos. You can send bikini or other photos now, but we insist on seeing girls topless or nude before schedule and expensive photo shoot day. It is best to make a couple of small topless selfies now so we can see how cute your body is. If you can't use the form to submit photos please send them by email to:

3- If you have any questions please call our office at 303-474-4449 (no text) or email

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