The Who...

TrueBabes is a 10 year old pretty girl website managed by Group Five Photosports of Littleton, Colorado, USA. We maintain offices and production studios in Littleton and we currently manage 3 pay to view websites with others in the planning stages.

We try to promote a sexy college girl, healthy, clean look and feel to both the TrueBabes website and the models. We don't use models that are extra tall and look like magazine super models, but at the same time we don't use models that look like desperate, drug addicts covered in homemade tattoos. We don't want to look like a full blown porn site with fake sex scenes and fake boobs.

As we expand the site over the next few months, and begin working with new photographers, we have two firm rules: No tattoos and no fake boobs.

The pretty girl fans that follow our company, and our now semi-retired photographer, are "in to" that younger, clean, fresh and 100% natural look in the models they follow and admire. They don't subscribe to popular tattoo sites such as Suicide Girls, but do to sites such as X-Art that feature, slim, trim, 18-19 year old models without tattoos or breast enhancements.

All models that pose to appear on TrueBabes from this point forward will be 18-20 years old, free of tattoos, and paid for their time and talent. In this program the photographers decide how much.

The What...

The TrueBabes "Bring Your Own Model" program (BYOM) is a summer 2014 test to solve a problem we often run into as we search for new photographers and models. That problem is a combination of ego and insecurity among photographers - mostly younger, lesser experienced, photographers.

We started buying photos and HD videos (content) from outside photographers in 2011. Often a photographer would approach us with a cute model, and we would want her on our site, but for various reasons he wasn't able to do the shoots himself. Maybe he didn't yet have good lighting gear, or the better HD camcorders, or a location to shoot nudes at that would be suitable, or sexy outfits to pose the model in.

We would ask that he refer the girl to another photographer and offer to pay him a "finder's fee" of $250.00. Not once, in 25-30 Colorado. Arizona or Nevada area discussions over the past 3 years, has the photographer selected to accept our offer and pass his new model to a more experienced or prepared photographer.

On the surface we don't blame him. Its usually a young ambitious guy that is out on the circuit and in the clubs scouting the cutest girls around. He has cultivated the relationship with her, spent hours practicing with her, and is now hoping to capitalize on those efforts. But, realistically, he is simply doing the girl a disservice by treating her like a possession and keeping her away from a paying gig.

The BYOM program is our version of a compromise that we'll extend to a very limited number of Colorado photographers that have great skills, and hot college age models looking to do our style of work, but are lacking in shoot space, lighting gear, props, outfits or other details that make true glamour style photography work.

Its simple - if we like and trust the photographer and his skills, and want to have "his model" on our site, we'll let him do the work in our building, with our gear and supplies, and even our outfits. And, we'll even pay him for it, and he can decide how much to pay her.

We offer new photographers $2000 for production work that can be done in a well organized day. That work includes 5 still photo sets of the model in different outfits and settings with 60 images in each set and 5 HD videos of the model in the same outfits and settings with each video being in the 8-10 minute range (unedited).

More specific details about shoot requirements are provided to photographers we are interested in after reviewing the information they submit. We leave it to him or her as to how much out of that $2000 he pays the model. His production expenses are very low in this program because we provide everything except his time, his helpers (if any) and his model.

The Where...

Our production studio is located in Littleton, in the general area of South Santa Fe Drive and West Belleview Avenue. We no longer openly publish the exact address due to a 2012 burglary and a couple of drunk rude boyfriends wanting to control shoots.

The building includes over 4000 square feet of production space, plus prop storage, dressing rooms, garment room, break room/kitchen, offices and reception areas. Total is just under 6000 square feet. The production area has 16 foot ceiling clearance for lighting, plenty of high amperage outlets, and lots of room to work.

There is a 36 foot wide cyc wall (a.k.a. infinity wall) with 40 foot pull back, and catwalks up one side and across the back for lighting. There is a 2-wall 800 square foot area carpeted that can be set up as a fake bedroom or living room with catwalks up one side and across the back for lighting. There is a 3-wall 900 square foot area with wooden floor that can be set up as a fake bedroom or living room. We also have enough privacy on weekends to do some outdoor shooting.

While most photographers / videographers would use their own cameras we do have some gear available. For still photography Canon 1Ds MK-III and 5D MK-III bodies, along with Canon L series and Sigma DG series lenses. For 4K video we have a rigged Sony FDR-AX1 and a rigged FDR-AX33, along with a couple of Azden WMS-PRO kits.

Our normal post-production workflow for still images features Canon RAW formats. We prefer shooters that are working with Canon 1Ds or 5D series bodies. For UHD (4K) video most any format produced by prosumer or pro camcorders is acceptable.

For still photography we stock 22 AlienBee B1600 heads, and multiple copies of every adapter, ring, grid or beauty dish made by AlienBee/Paul C Buff. We also have dozens of Manfrotto stands, and 6 each of every umbrella or softbox PhotoFlex offers, along with dozens of PocketWizards for wireless flash sync, and Sekonic 358 flashmeters.

For videography we stock 4 Photoflex Constellation3 CFL/Tungsten units, 6 Flashpoint Cool Light 4 (CFL), 6 Interfit Matinee LED 1000, 6 Linco/Flora CFL heads, along with all the softboxes, stands and other accessories to go with them.

And, of course every type of basic studio gear you would ever need - cords, foam core, stands, clamps, backgrounds, more cords, more clamps, sandbags, dollies, cases, crates and more.

Working with female models is where this building and our inventory excel. The studio has a large dressing room with modern make-up station. At any one time we stock 100+ pairs of shoes / heels and well over 200 lingerie, swimwear or other types of daring outfits in sizes from XS to M - never large because we never work with "large" girls.

For the BYOM program the studio will be available at least two weekends in each of the months of July and August.

Additionally, we have a large private home in Littleton available 3 consecutive weekends in late July and early August. It features warm colors, easy to pose on furniture and high enough ceilings to accomplish glamour style lighting set-ups.

Overall, we feel this is a good opportunity for talented young photographers that want to bring their own models and get paid for shooting them in our well equipped space for TrueBabes.

The When...

The BYOM program is an experiment. We hope to try it over the summer months of 2014 and extend it if successful. When the first Colorado area photographer takes advantage of the offer is entirely up to him or her. It all starts by using the form below to submit his or her information, then proposing a model to us, getting approved and booking a date from what we have available.

We are not looking to open our building and equipment to anybody that wants to swing by and take pictures of some girl he met at the mall. This is not an offer for part time guys with cameras (GWCs) to use our building for his latest TFCD day with some girl he met on ModelMayhem. This is not meant to be an open house, come one come all, situation.

This program is for high quality shooters that are working with girls that have that certain TrueBabes style and look we need to expand our site.

Our overall goal is to add quality photos and videos to our site. That can be done through the program - but only if we limit it to quality photographers, that have quality models, and that want to develop an on going relationship with our company.

Employee scheduling, and our own travel plans, mean that we will likely limit this to 2-3 Colorado photographers. One of our employees will be on site any time the studio is being used, but not to supervise or teach, simply to be up in the offices if something is needed and to insure its all locked up tight when done.

Studio time, or shoot dates, will be selected once other details have been agreed upon. In general the open shoot days are weekends.

The Why...

Why we want to try a program like this is easy to explain. We want to expand our site and grow our customer base. To do so we want new photographers to contribute and new models be featured.

Helping two or three Colorado area photographers that happen to have the talent and skill, but not the space or gear, seems a logical way to meet that goal.

The How...

This program is not intended for guys with cameras (GWCs) that are trying to learn with a girl they met on Facebook. We are looking for glamour photographers - and there is a lot more to being one than just owning a camera. Three, four and five strobe set-ups are common. If you haven't been around a studio environment, with the types of gear listed above, as a shooter, assistant, helper, gofer (gopher) or student this might not be the best option for you.

This is a production program not a learning program. We do not intend to have staff there to teach anything other than where equipment is stored.

The first step is to complete the form below after reviewing the entire page carefully. If we are interested after reviewing the links you submit we'll reply with an informative Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file containing all the details on the content packages we purchase.

If you can produce what we need, but don't have the gear or location to do the work at, we'll invite you out to Littleton to discuss using our resources.

Please do not call or visit the studio without first going through the steps just outlined and being invited to do so to prevent wasting each others time. We work odd hours and stay busy. We take studio visitors by appointment only.

Final Thoughts...

The studio is not available for rentals, parties, workshops, amateur TFCD shoots, or any other purpose outside of producing content for TrueBabes as outlined above. This includes shooting portfolio work or ModelMayhem picture contest work being done on the same day.

This can be a good opportunity for Colorado photographers to get paid shooting in a very well equipped studio but we must be selective. Our website income depends on it. Our goal is quality content for our website and not just opening our doors to amateur photographers, guys with cameras (GWCs), or students.

If Interested...

Please complete the form below. The Name, City, State and Phone fields are required.

Use the "Misc. Link" line to send a link to a website that is currently displaying your work if possible.

Use the comments area for information related to your experience, schooling, how you plan to locate models, models you already know, etc.

Use the photo upload option if you wish to show us your latest work or models you wish us to consider hiring you to shoot.

Please type carefully. We will reply by email or phone if we are interested.

If you have other questions that we haven't answered on this page please email them to and we will get the answers back to you as soon as possible.

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